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Język: PHP
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<?php function sanitize_output($body) { $replace = array( //remove tabs before and after HTML tags '/\>[^\S ]+/s' => '>', '/[^\S ]+\</s' => '<', //shorten multiple whitespace sequences; keep new-line characters because they matter in JS!!! '/([\t ])+/s' => ' ', //remove leading and trailing spaces '/^([\t ])+/m' => '', '/([\t ])+$/m' => '', // remove JS line comments (simple only); do NOT remove lines containing URL (e.g. 'src=""')!!! '~//[a-zA-Z0-9 ]+$~m' => '', //remove empty lines (sequence of line-end and white-space characters) '/[\r\n]+([\t ]?[\r\n]+)+/s' => "\n", //remove empty lines (between HTML tags); cannot remove just any line-end characters because in inline JS they can matter! '/\>[\r\n\t ]+\</s' => '><', //remove "empty" lines containing only JS's block end character; join with next line (e.g. "}\n}\n</script>" --> "}}</script>" '/}[\r\n\t ]+/s' => '}', '/}[\r\n\t ]+,[\r\n\t ]+/s' => '},', //remove new-line after JS's function or condition start; join with next line '/\)[\r\n\t ]?{[\r\n\t ]+/s' => '){', '/,[\r\n\t ]?{[\r\n\t ]+/s' => ',{', //remove new-line after JS's line end (only most obvious and safe cases) '/\),[\r\n\t ]+/s' => '),', //remove quotes from HTML attributes that does not contain spaces; keep quotes around URLs! '~([\r\n\t ])?([a-zA-Z0-9]+)="([a-zA-Z0-9_/\\-]+)"([\r\n\t ])?~s' => '$1$2=$3$4', //$1 and $4 insert first white-space character found before/after attribute ); return preg_replace(array_keys($replace), array_values($replace), $body); }